Calculator XL App Reviews

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Doesn’t save entry to MR as entered

I primarily bought this app to use in balancing my checkbook. I entered the starting amount, which ended in .59 (fifty nine cents) and when I pressed MR the cents amount was rounded up to .6 (sixty cents). I have no idea why the program drops one decimal place instead of saving it as typed. I can’t find any options to fix this and emails don’t get replies. If the author fixes this it will be a 5 star app. Until then it’s only worth a three. At least I’m only out a buck.

I Expected More

There’s nothing wrong with XL, It’s pretty, nice for a quickie add or subtract – But I expected more. There’s no pie!, no logs, no trig functions. Oh, thank my lucky stars, it was ON SALE! Let’s see, shall I sue if they round one-half of 99 cents in THIER favor? I just downloaded Sierra, and I didn’t realize it has, a perfectly-good calculator with everything I’ll need.

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